Apparel EFX LLC was established in 2014, with the intent to provide unique and affordable sublimated apparel. With offices located in Tucson, Arizona and overseas, Apparel EFX LLC has become a household name within the sportswear market, providing quality custom sportswear for well known manufacturers and professionals, locally and internationally. Professional Bowlers are a common theme with Apparel EFX, as over 30+ Professional Bowlers represent, trust, and are contracted under the brand. 
In 2015, Apparel EFX LLC began to sponsor the PWBA, which is the Professional Women's Bowling Association, and has had numerous television appearances throughout it's term with the organization.
In 2016, Apparel EFX LLC began branching out into other sport markets that included: Golf and Tennis.
In 2017, Apparel EFX LLC reached a new height of  representation, as Tennis and Golf players were signed to represent the company.
In 2018, Apparel EFX LLC adventured into the casual wear market, expanding their selection of garments to: T-Shirts and Hats.
With constant change in the apparel market, Apparel EFX continues to innovate and expand its garment selections. Apparel EFX LLC now provides sublimated garments for Tennis, Golf, Training Wear, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Casual Wear, and plenty more.